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Get the information you need about Ben Albertson


What kind of music does Ben Albertson play?

Ben has been trained in classical harp performance, but can play a wide variety of music and arrangements. When requesting music for arrangement, it is best to think about music that will work well on the harp. Inquire with Ben for more details.

What music is in Ben's repertoire?

Ben Albertson plays a wide variety of music for which no arrangement charge is needed. From Disney classics to demanding concert repertoire, Ben is just as comfortable playing at weddings as he is on the concert stage. Based on what type of harp performance you are seeking, Ben can send you the appropriate repertoire list. Inquire with Ben today to obtain a list catered for your needs.

What Covid-19 precautions does Ben Albertson address?

Ben Albertson realizes weight of the current global pandemic, and he is fully vaccinated the the Pfizer vaccine. Ben is happy to comply with all regulations regarding Covid-19. These include but are not limited to sanitation, capacity limits, and mask wearing. If you have any concerns about the pandemic and the steps Ben takes to mitigate the spread of the virus, inquire with him today.

Where is Ben Albertson located?

Ben currently resides in Tucson, Arizona. Ben regularly plays throughout the southwest, and will travel beyond the region for various performances and events.

I am not in Tucson, can I still have Ben Albertson play?

Ben Albertson frequently travels for performance, and has played all over the North American continent and in Europe. Travel fees apply. Send an inquiry to Ben Albertson for a quote today.

Can I have Ben Albertson play at an outdoor event or performance venue?

Ben is happy to play outside if certain conditions are met. Inquire today about whether your event or performance venue setup meets the requirements for outdoor harp performance.

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