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No Event is Complete Without a Harpist


You can rest assured knowing that you’ve found a top musician to work with. With an ability to bring a distinctive sound to every project they work on, you’ll love working with Ben Albertson. If you’re looking for a professional musician to enhance a wedding you will never forget, the extraordinary elegance and power of Ben's playing is for you. Ben is proud to serve clientele of all genders and sexual orientations.


Harp Arrangements

As an experienced arranger, Ben Albertson is able to offer clients a wide range of professional music arrangements. From the Beatles to Maroon 5, for an additional fee, you can have the music you want. Get in touch to schedule a personal meeting about having music specifically arranged for and performed at your event.

Sheet Music

Recitals ~ Solo and Chamber Music Availible

Ben Albertson loves collaborating with other musicians as well as performing solo for individuals and companies. If you’re looking for a top musician who will be a pleasure to work with in the recital format, look no further. Whatever your musical need, Ben Albertson is here to make sure yours are met in the most professional way. Ben has extensive experience performing concerti, solo recitals, and chamber music around the world.


Lessons & Master Classes

Ben Albertson is currently looking to expand his teaching studio. Learning to play the harp at any point in life is an incredibly rewarding and joyful experience. In-person lessons are available in Toronto in addition to virtual lessons worldwide. Ben has taken corses in harp instruction at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, and has valuable teaching experience in working with students from the beginner level up to advanced studies. Ben is also experienced is providing master classes for other harp teachers looking to find a new point of view for their own students.


Corporate Events

As an experienced musician, Ben understands the needs of corporate clients and the professional image a harpist can endow into any corporate event. Elevate your next corporate event with the unique and vibrant sound of Ben Albertson's playing.

Buffet Party

House Concerts

The perfect anniversary gift, extended family event, or neighborhood party, a house concert provides an incredibly intimate and personalized way to engage with the harp. The house concert differs from a recital by providing more connection and dialogue with the audience, and an experiential performance that lasts as a golden memory for years to come. Contact Ben Albertson today for a quote.

Living Room

Recording Sessions

Benjamin is experienced in the recording industry of classical music. From creating new film scores to premiering new compositions for harp, contact Ben today about having your studio filled with his special sound quality and passion for the instrument.

Recording Studio Mic

Music Arrangements

As an experienced musician, Ben Albertson is able to offer clients a wide range of services, including professional Music Arrangements. Whatever your musical needs and requirements, you can count on Ben Albertson to get the job done in the most efficient way. Get a taste of the Ben Albertson sound, and feel free to get in touch to schedule a personal meeting.

Sheet Music

Orchestral Services

Ben Albertson will be the principal harpist of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra beginning in September 2023. Ben has extensive training and experience in orchestral, ballet, and opera performance. Ben has worked with ensembles such as the Canadian Opera Company, the Ontario Philharmonic, Meastro Productions (Netflix), and more in venues from Beneroya Hall in Seattle to Carnegie Hall in New York.

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